Let your kids embark on a multisensory adventure

What is Sensory Play Co. about?

Are you looking for fun, educational activity, stress free party to do at the venue of your choice with your infant, toddler, or school going child? Convert your child’s birthday parties into a fun and engaging exercise to excel in many different areas:

  • Enhance your child’s senses
  • Look. Listen. Touch. Taste. Smell.
  • How do you keep a room of energetic toddlers happily occupied at the party? With sensory play of course!
  • Explore-Create-Discover

Toddlers love sensory activities because of all the novel sensations and sights they can experience. Our brightly colored sensory play props are designed to pique their curiosity while giving them a safe space to explore freely with their hands and feet.

These play activities are also great way for parent-child bonding at the same time allowing children to have access to unrestricted play which allows them to build their independence at the same time promotes early years learning. We provide unique opportunities for children and their parents to engage in educational and fun play.

In order to make your party unique and exciting we offer a variety of activities for your little ones to squeeze, pour, drop and generally get messy.

To make your party more entertaining and fun we play music.

Come and experience sensory messy play and leave the cleaning to us.

Why is Sensory Play so important?

Sensory play encourages discovery and independent thinking as well as language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, social interaction.

Who’s invited to come along and play?

We have planned parties for babies starting from 6 months old (who can sit up aided or unaided) who can play with their parents and family through to 6 year olds. Older siblings are most welcome to participate in this unique fun party.

Why choose us?

We believe that most birthday parties have non interactive elements that kids often do not enjoy such as a clown or puppet show. Hence our aim is to engage their senses by creating an immersive environment which provides constructive fun. We ensure kids that they can have the fun of being allowed to paint or scribble on canvas walls which they might not be allowed to do so at home.

Dr. Tina Chhatpar a leading dentist by profession is also a doting mother to her two year old son Riaan. Experimenting with different ways to enhance Riaan’s sensory play, she came up an idea on how to bring this unique concept to India.

Bored with the regular theme décor parties whereby clowns and puppets are given a lot of importance. She wanted children to stimulate their creativity and senses, thus allowing children to have unrestricted fun. She is an active blogger on instagram and gives tips to various moms based on her experience.

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