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FunPlay Educational Number Rods (74 rods, 1 small tray and 25 double-sided activity cards)

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DESCRIPTION: The FunPlay Educational Number Rods is the 2021 Academic Choice Award winner. Foster early math and creativity with this early learning kit! This number rods set includes 1 Messy Tray, 25 double-sided activity cards and 74 number rods. This learning resource helps children visualize counting to 10. Each quantity is a different color, which helps children with number identification and comparison. Teach children how to add, measure and build designs with the included activities. Fill in the designs on the colorful activity cards to teach number relationships and measurement. Kids can also create their own designs and images! The activities also include advanced math activities to teach rotation, symmetry and making 100 cm². As children learn with the rods, they will improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and logical thinking.

  • HELP THEM IMPROVE FOCUS -- Let kids practice their focused attention skills. Create 10-minute activity stations around the home with this home learning kit and other educational resources!
  • EARLY MATH FOR AGES 4+ -- Use this educational toy to teach children how to count, add and measure. Foster problem-solving and logical thinking as children work through the activities!
  • COUNT BY COLOR -- This learning resource helps children visualize counting to 10. Each quantity is a different color, which helps children with number identification and comparison.
  • HANDS-ON MATH LESSONS -- This in-home learning kit includes advanced math options such as rotation, symmetry and making a hundredths flat, or 100cm. Kids will love to play and learn with stress-free, hands-on math lessons.
  • CREATE & LEARN -- Activities include colorful illustrations and creative design ideas! These activities provide a basic understanding number relationships and measurement while fostering creativity.
  • IDEAL STEAM PRODUCT -- It links art and mathematics. It will stimulate children’s imagination and creative thinking skills

LEARNING OUTCOMES: They can be used in games to help with mathematical reasoning, logic, critical thinking, and creativity. Concepts like counting, number relationships, number comparisons, fractions and multiplication.


HOW TO USE: Use these colourful set of number rods for color or size sorting, stacking, creating beautiful art with or without help of activity cards, use as pattern & math manipulative, or for sequencing.

- Colour-coded rods allow children to tangibly represent numbers to solve mathematical problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Encourages logical thinking and reasoning. 10 different rod lengths from 1cm to 10cm in 10 bright colours. There are three rod families: number 2, 4 & 8 are blue family, number 3, 6 & 9 are red family, number 5 & 10 are green family (*if yellow=1).
- Have fun developing early childhood skills in basic math such as counting one to ten, addition, rotation, and measurement. Encourage kids to copy the patterns on activity cards or simply use their imagination to design their own art piece.
- 50 creative math activities: With 25 double-sided cards, these hands-on manipulatives demonstrate number relationships, comparison and parts to whole. Keep the activities contained with the included tray! Using the activity cards to follow along and complete the patterns she sees such as boats, butterflies, and construction sites.

CONTAINS: This FunPlay Educational Number Rod set comes with 100 Pieces in 1 Box and includes:

  • 74 number rods [Sizes: 1cm to 10cm long]
  • 1 small tray [Size of tray: 25 x 25 x 2.5cm]
  • 25 x 2-sided activity cards

MATERIALS USED: High Grade Plastic. They are BPA free and nontoxic. They meet the CPSIA requirements for product safety as well.

CERTIFICATIONS: ASTM F963, EN-71, CPSIA regulatory requirements.

CARE INSTRUCTION: Store in a cool place. May be cleaned with water. Adult supervision required. Choking Hazard.

SHIPPING FEE: FREE shipping across India on prepaid orders.

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